What We Do.

WBBG is a company specialized in bridging the gap between the Western Balkan region and the Netherlands. Our knowledge of culture, communication, work ethic and way of working for both sides of the bridge helps us in striving for our goal of stimulating and facilitating business cooperation between the two regions.

We offer a wide range of services to facilitate in exactly this, using our in-house expertise as well as local partners. These services include, but are not limited to; (strategy) consulting, project management, agency, sales, import/export and marketing. Together with you, we examine what fits your needs best and how we can setup and manage your business endeavour optimally. Every new project, initiative and expansion needs a custom tailored plan. We offer you an efficient route to reach your goals. We believe that an integral and systemized process is necessary to increase your chances of success in the foreign market in a Western Balkan country as a Dutch business, or vice versa.

Below you will find a number of service packages which can give you a impression of what we have experience with doing for our clients. However, by no means is this page an exhaustive description of what we do and you should never hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Doing The Research.

In order to be able to make an impact in a market and to understand the area where you would want to do business with, it is crucial to do your research. For our clients from the Netherlands who wish to go to the Western Balkans, or for our clients from the Western Balkans region who wish to expand their business into the Netherlands, our services work both ways.

In conjunction with local partners and our own in-house expertise, we research what our clients require and provide detailed and frequent reports on the market situation in the targeted regions. Our reports contain insights on the current relevant situation in the form of summaries of news, market dynamics, possible opportunities, analysis, predictions and our own advice for our client. This process lays the foundation for identifying any or all opportunities that exist or may arise in the region and is required as a first step for doing business in a certain region.

Setting Up Projects.

If our client sees an opportunity that they would like to take advantage of, we at WBBG can take up the active role of setting up a project and work on this opportunity. As projects can be broad in scope, we offer a range of activities from which we can choose, depending on what the client wants and what we deed that’s necessary.

This includes a number of activities, including (but not limited to): stakeholder management and communication, regulatory compliance, documentation and administration, acquisition and marketing. Whether you are looking to open up a factory in Bosnia & Herzegovina, to outsource your IT to Serbia or to setup a real estate project in Albania, we bring the necessary skills and manpower to the table to ensure your project succeeds.

With a reputation for trustworthiness, and our knowledge of the region we’re working in, we can deliver integral results which are unique when compared with the competition. If you have any plans or projects you would want to see executed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Business Development.

Growing your business in the Western Balkans requires further development and committing to a longer process of investing and expansion. To develop your business further, we offer consulting for our clients in the fields of strategy, branding, communication and investing specifically fit for their target market in either the Western Balkans or the Netherlands.

Often times, local companies prefer to cooperate with buyers and suppliers who they consider compatible with their own business. Our efforts will ensure our clients truly establish themselves on the target market between competitors, suppliers and buyers. This will help their company flourish in the market and make them recognizable as one of the go-to partners for doing business in their sector.

Import & Export.

If you are a Dutch company looking to import certain goods from the Western Balkans, or a company from the Western Balkans looking to export your products to The Netherlands or wider Europe, we at WBBG can help you find a market or find a supplier for your needs.

Using our extensive networks and connections in Europe, we can make sure you get the goods you are looking for delivered to your doorstep. Likewise, if you are looking to expand into new markets and to connect to new buyers, our team has extensive sales experience which we utilize to position your product or service in the best way possible.