Connecto 2019: Business Cooperation with Diaspora

Connecto 2019: Business Cooperation with Diaspora

On the 25th of July, I visited the Connecto Business Event which was organised in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event was hosted at the Intera Technology Park. The main topic of this year’s event was how local businesses could further expand the business cooperation with people from the international diaspora. Similar to our own vision here at WBBG, the organisers of Connecto recognised the potential, and importance, of utilising the network of world-wide diaspora to stimulate business locally in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region as a whole.

The Intera Technology Park

The Intera Technology Park in Mostar, where the event was organised, is one of Herzegovina’s top educational and technological centres. It offers training, courses and certifications for those interested in gaining knowledge and accreditation to further their career. Additionally, the modern and spacious interior of the main building allows room for presentations, expositions, networking events and more.

The leadership of Intera Technology Park therefore decided to use their resources and facilities to advance business cooperation between domestic businesses and the international Bosnian and Herzegovinian diaspora. Hence, the Connecto business networking event, which is a great signal to people all over the world of what is happening in the Western Balkan region.

Connecto 2019 – Business Cooperation With Diaspora

The goal of Connecto is to enable domestic entrepreneurs and diaspora to discover new business opportunities and potential partnerships. The leadership of the event believe that entrepreneurs in the diaspora may benefit from the knowledge of manufacturing and service capabilities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while local businesses may open the door to international cooperation.

During the event, two panels were organised on the topics of business with diaspora and the opportunities that lie, maybe undiscovered, within Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region. I had the honor to be a panelist during one of these panels, where I shared my experiences from the diaspora and doing businesses in IT outsourcing to the Balkans, as well as offering services in agency and sales to businesses in the region. The panel proved to be a valuable an interesting and valuable experience, with succesful entrepreneurs both domestic and from the diaspora similarly sharing their vision and experiences. It was an experience to remember.

In addition to the panels, a couple of partners had the opportunity to present their organisations or businesses to the visitors, which offered a unique insight into their goals, operations and progress. Among others, our good friend Eddie (Edhem) Custovic of BH Futures Foundation presented his organisation. In addition, the United States Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eric George Nelson, expressed his admiration and support for the effort that Bosnians and Herzegovinians are putting into improving domestic and international business.

B2B Meetings

After an excellent lunch provided by the catering, it was time for another equally important and interesting segment of the program, the B2B meetings. Participants to the conference had the opportunity to express their desire to meet with other guests at the moment of registering for the event. Participants were then paired with others so as to get acquainted. During these meetings a number of new (international) business cooperations were established, WBBG included.

Business potential of the Western Balkans

Connecto was another proof for WBBG that the potentials of the Western Balkan region are significant. Smart investors and business people will seek out these opportunities and profit from the talent, resources, geographic location and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region. Connecto is one of many networking and business events that are organised each year. We strongly recommend interested individuals to explore what the region has to offer. We would recommend you attend one of these events and see the potential for yourself.

As always, if we can help you on your way, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you get in contact with the right people for any of your business endeavours to and from the Western Balkans.